In the early stages of quarantine, two friends, composer/vocalist Magos Herrera and composer Paola Prestini, decided to create music remotely together with other prestigious musicians from their global community. From this collaboration Con Alma was born: an album of nine sonic experiences which translate the feelings of confinement and the experience that humanity collectively lived through during the pandemic.

From the point of view of the musicians, the Con Alma film explores these recent memories of coping with confinement and the meaning of creating this album from the artists' homes in Brooklyn, San Miguel del Allende, Leipzig and Madrid. These world-renowned musicians suddenly found themselves in isolation and decided to share their experience through music.

As the horizon clears for musicians to play on stage again, Con Alma will finally be presented in early 2022 as a live concert with an audience in a natural reserve in San Miguel de Allende (Mexico), where much of the music was originally written. The Con Alma documentary is a journey woven from collective memories of confinement, to the final concert, presented through archival material, animation by the visual artist Kevork Mourad and scenes filmed by the directors Marta Ferrer and Pedro González Rubio. A poetic travel experience that elevates isolation to bonding and creation.

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